FRUS wah

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The Frus Wah is a project that aims to improve and combine in a single cicuit, the best features from the Ibanez WH10 V1 grey (1987 to 1993) and the V1 black (1993-1996). Result of months of work, the circuit is mainly based on the first grey version of the original pedal from John Frusciante, respecting the consecrated sound and adding two key improvements: a volume control (which allows dosing the boost from the effect with the knob) and the True Bypass (turning it in a lossless tone circuit), correcting the two main problems noticed by the users of the grey version, and that were fixed in the black version.

On the Frus Wah circuit, we use the same components model and value found in the original versions. Our pedal has a depth control (which controls the depth on the effect), a switch that alternates between guitar (higher sounds) and bass (lower sounds), and the volume control that gets the user to a closer sound of the grey version (with the extreme boost), and the black version (with a subtle boost). Besides that, we have developed with own technology a 500K/50K double potentiometer, as used in the original version. This technology is a hybrid mechanical/optical, making the pedal durable, the maintenance simple and cheap. In the visual and the experience, we added to our Wah an enclosure tough as a war tank, extremely resistant and traditional between the classic pedals of this effect. We also choose to keep it in it’s natural color, to match with our other projects.

The pedal is manufactured using 1% tolerance resistors polyester capacitors to reduce noises and imperfections, excellent jacks, and above all: a 100% hand made clear and meticulous set up, done with care and zeal, making it extremely easy to future maintenances.


John Frusciante has the grey original version as his main and favorite Wah, using it most of his time he’s been in the Red Hot Chili Peppers (except the time mentioned below). To obtain the sound of this pedal with the Frus Wah, we recommend you use it on the guitar mode, set up the depth around 2-3 o’clock and place the volume knob near to maximum. The exception of using it, is the black version, which Frusciante used to record Californication (and in some shows from By The Way Tour). To achieve that sound, set it up to guitar mode, depth knob around 1-2 o’clock, and place the volume control at 2 o’clock - obtaining a more controlled sound with less boost. It’s worth mentioning that the Bass mode can be used - as used in the original recording - in songs as “Naked In The Rain” and “Get On Top”, when Frusciante used this mode to get a lower wah sound.


The Frus Wah is available for the Brazilian market only.