FRUS muff

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The Frus Muff combines two classics used by John Frusciante in a single pedal. Created from the first American Reissue of the Big Muff PI (known as V9 - EC3003), developed by Fran Blanche and manufactured on the early 2000’s, our pedal on the NYC mode delivers the Muff tone used by John from 2002 on. On the russian mode, part of the pedal’s circuit shifts to deliver the sound of the first batch of the Black Russian Big Muff V8 (manufactured between 1999 and 2000), used by John between 2000 and 2001.

For best sounding results and faithfulness to the base project, we kept the three classic controls from the Muff, which are responsive to the mode switch between the two classic versions used by Frusciante - in a analog, simple and quick way. Besides that, our pedal has True Bypass, avoiding signal loss from the original NYC circuit.

The pedal is manufactured with the use of silicon 2N5088 transistors identical to the first reissue of the Big Muff PI from the early 2000’s, 1% tolerance resistors, polyester and multilayer capacitors for less noises and inaccuracies, excellent jacks, and mainly: 100% handmade in a thorough and clean way, made with care and zeal.


The Big Muff is one of the pedals that gets influenced and depend on amplifiers to be set, with that, we are mentioning a few examples of John Frusciante tones, so you can find this same tone that is held in this little box. The first Big Muff seen on John Frusciante’s rig was the Black Russian Big Muff V8 with six screws on the box (which characterizes as the first batch of this version), it started being used halfway through the Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication tour (as substitute for the Boss FZ-3), and was responsible for the most distorted sounds from 2000 to 2001. The first Big Muff PI reissue was used by Frusciante on the By The way recording sessions (“in big part of the album”, as he mentioned) and on the Stadium Arcadium recording sessions (like the solos from “Strip My Mind” and “Wet Sand”) - this pedal was an active part of both tours and, together with the DS-2, had it’s sound marked at Slane Castle in 2003.


The Frus Muff is available via waiting list. We open the batches from time to time, and we let the first participants know. Once it’s opened, we make the sales and we set a deadline for shipping it. To join the waiting list, text +55 (41) 99191-2258 or click here.

- PayPal: US$ 189 + shipping



Alimentação: Fonte de 9V centro negativo com conector P4
Consumo: 12mA (9V DC)
Controles: Sustain, Tone e Volume
Indicador: Led vermelho 5mm para indicar o efeito ligado ou desligado
Conexões: Inst. (Input), Amp. (Output), conector P4 para fonte

- Comprimento: 11cm
- Largura máxima (com jacks): 7,2cm
- Altura máxima (com altura do fooswitch e knobs): 5cm
- Altura mínima (apenas gabinete): 3,3cm
Peso: 180g