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The Frusrite is based on Mosrite’s germanium Fuzzrite, which had 250 units built between 1965 and 1966. Our project is extremely close to the first version of the fuzz developed by Ed Sanner. Yet, we added improvements to the circuit which makes it easier to play without changing the original tone.

The Frusrite has Japanese germanium transistors from the 1960’s, which can be powered with standard 9V power supplies (P4 plug). The pedal has a True Bypass switch with a red LED, also with 1% tolerance resistors, polyester capacitors to reduce noises and instability (the original had ceramic capacitors which are unstable, cooperates with noises and static sounds), excellent jacks, but most importantly: manufactured 100% by hand. With all that, the pedal maintains the vintage look of the Fuzzrite in a smaller enclosure.

This project was made based on one of these Fuzzrite V1, which was heavily played by John Frusciante with the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the Stadium Arcadium Tour between 2006 and 2007, and his solo album The Empyrean in 2009.


John Frusciante’s favorite setting was with Depth on 0 and Volume between 8 and 10. This way the tone gets very controllable, dynamic and defined. The Depth of the Fuzzrite adds High frequencies to the effect, making it lose definition, so when used on 0, it keeps the frequencies very balanced, cutting a band’s mix perfectly. For the volume, we need to consider that John’s amplifiers were very loud and saturated, making every volume knob on his drives, also a gain control.


The Frusrite is available via waiting list. We open the batches from time to time, and we let the first participants know. Once it’s opened, we make the sales and we set a deadline for shipping it. To join the waiting list, text +55 (41) 99191-2258 or click here.

- PayPal: US$ 169 + shipping



Alimentação: Fonte de 9V centro negativo com conector P4
Consumo: 9mA (9V DC)
Controles: Depth e Volume
Indicador: Led vermelho 5mm para indicar o efeito ligado ou desligado
Conexões: Inst. (Input), Amp. (Output) e conector P4 para fonte

- Comprimento (com knobs): 13cm
- Largura máxima (com jacks): 7,2cm
- Altura máxima (com altura do footswitch): 5cm
- Altura mínima (apenas gabinete): 3cm
Peso: 170g