FRUS rite (Si)

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The Frusrite Si is our version of the Fuzzrite using silicon transistors, following in a parallel universe of our main version with germanium transistors. This version has defined high ends and tighter low ends. This is a project made to the lovers of this classic circuit and for those who seek having all the sounds from the versions of this pedal, as well the musicians who seek for the velcro tones from “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by The Stooges, or “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” by Iron Butterfly, and the Spaghetti Western themes by Ennio Morricone. 

The silicon transistors started being used in this circuit on the late 60’s, when it showed itself a more viable option for not presenting sounding variations due to external heat, which is a characteristic of the germanium transistors. The history says only 250 units with germanium transistors were made, after that, the circuit was redone with silicon transistors and it became the definitive version of this classic. 

The Frusrite (Si) has a Motorola BSX60 and a BF258 transistors, and it’s powered by 9v negative center (P4 standard). The switch is True Bypass with the indication with a blue LED (the only visual difference to our main version, which has a red LED). It also includes 1% tolerance resistors, polyester capacitors to avoid hum (the original had ceramic capacitors, which are imprecise and helps hum and static sounds, excellent jacks, and above all: 100% handmade. 

ALERT: The Frusrite (Si) is ideal for those who seek all the sounds from this classic - besides our main version - and those who can’t resist a great fuzz pedal. The tone has more of the velcro tone and is a great acquisition to any collection. Although, if you got to know our brand for the intention of reproducing John Frusciante tones and search for that, we recommend our main version of this circuit. 

VOLUME: it controls the output volume of the circuit, generating softer sounds on lower settings, or more distorted sounds on higher settings. 

DEPTH: It is the interaction in between the two distortion channels of the pedal - with the knob on zero, you heard one of the channels (which has a cleaner and lower tone); as you start rolling the knob, you hear the mix in between the two channels, and all the way to the max where the more distorted channels stands out (with a more agressive and higher tone).


The Frusrite is available via waiting list. We open the batches from time to time, and we let the first participants know. Once it’s opened, we make the sales and we set a deadline for shipping it. To join the waiting list, text +55 (41) 99191-2258 or click here.

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