FRUS axis

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The Frus Axis is a pedal based on the preamp in the Moogerfoogers MF-101 (Low Pass Filter) and MF-102 (Ring Modulator), which we believe it’s essential for John Frusciante’s tone on the Stadium Arcadium and the Unlimited Love / ROTDC tours. We have made multiple experiments with similar signal chains to John’s, checking out the difference on the usage.

The DRIVE control on these pedals (MF-101 and MF-102) is active and works either the pedal is on or off - differently from the other Moogerfoogers and in a similar way to the Boss CE-1, bringing volume and a little gain, crunch and brightness to the signal chain they are in. Between the 20+ pedals on the Stadium Arcadium tour, Frusciante had three MF-101 and one MF-102, spread through the signal chain, reducing the signal loss caused by the long sequence of pedals and cables. On the Unlimited Love / ROTDC tour, Frusciante uses a MF-101 in his signal chain, which helps his strong and bright clean tone.

There are countless possibilities of using this pedal: It could be placed in the beginning, halfway through, or in the end of the chain; Being always on to shape the signal, or using it as booster to specific moments, as thiis circuit is capable of generating a 12dB boost.
Besides that, the pedal has a level peak indicator (red LED) which blinks to the dynamics and the input signal it receives, being sensitive to the equipment used and the setting on the DRIVE knob. When using it as the first pedal of the chain, it will react to the guitar pickups and the player’s dynamic. In the middle/end of the chain, it’s brightness and dynamic will also be influenced by the pedals used before it.


There is a internal trimpot to control the gain of the pedal, making it more, or less saturated. The stock position has the milder range, with the trimpot all the way to the left ● - this settings works well with every kind of pickups, high or low output, without distorting too much the sound and making the range of the DRIVE control very useful. In case you use exclusively low output pickups and you are looking for a hotter sound, you’ll be able to adjust the gain by turning the trimpot to the right ■.


The Frus Axis is available via waiting list. We open the batches from time to time, and we let the first participants know. Once it’s opened, we make the sales and we set a deadline for shipping it. To join the waiting list, text +55 (41) 99191-2258 or click here.

- Pay Pal: US$ 139 + shipping 



Alimentação: Fonte de 9V centro negativo com conector P4
Consumo: 60mA (9V DC)
Controles: Drive
Indicador: Led verde 5mm para indicar o efeito ligado ou desligado / Led vermelho 5mm para indicar intensidade do sinal recevido
Conexões: Inst. (Input), Amp. (Output), conector P4 para fonte

- Comprimento: 11cm
- Largura máxima (com jacks): 7,5cm
- Altura máxima (com altura do fooswitch e knobs): 5,1cm
- Altura mínima (apenas gabinete): 3,5cm
Peso: 170g